Why Singaporeans Are Using ‘Uber’ For Girlfriends – The GFE Social Escort

With a big worldwide trend moving towards renting and chartering instead of outright purchases, there is also a steady trend towards guys leaning towards ‘renting’ a girlfriend. This service is known as the GFE social escort. Check out Singapore’s #1 agency for GFE escorts – SGVIP.

GFE is the acronym for the ‘girlfriend experience’, which is the feeling that men get when they have a girlfriend. However, in this case, as the social escort is not really the client’s girlfriend, she will simply act as though she were already the girlfriend of the client. A good GFE escort will be able to make her clients feel as though she were already his girlfriend.

Why are more Singaporean men turning to GFE escorts? Is there a problem with usual dating?

There are actually three main different reasons why men in Singapore are turning to social escorts.

Actually if you have lived in Singapore, you will find that most girls in Singapore are kind of aloof when it comes to strangers approaching them. Unfortunately for some of us guys, girls seems to elude us, and very soon after school, men are caught up in their careers and are unable to have enough time to date and pick up girls. As a man gets older, he may not be able to access the social circles of young and attractive women as easily. Therefore, to overcome loneliness, engaging social escorts with the girlfriend experience is the best way out of this.

Second of all, some men who prefer escort models are actually men do not yet want to get married, don’t want the hassles of a regular relationship, but sometimes feel lonely. Therefore, a great way to get the girlfriend experience without the strings attached will be meeting a social escort and have a great date together.

Third of all, if a man is average looking, he will find it difficult to attract any really hot girl. However, if the man shows off that he is actually wealthy, he will be attracting a lot of gold diggers. He is therefore stuck between a rock and hard place. Therefore, the best way, if not yet serious about wanting to get married, is to actually meet social escorts from time to time to not feel as lonely.

20 Singaporean Girls Reveal If They Would Be Social Escorts

After our previous post went viral, we were interested in what our friends actually think about being a female escort in Singapore

However, as most Singaporean girls are conservative and may give different answers if we had interviewed them in real life, we decided to put out an anonymous online survey and posted to 20 different girls we had on our 5 different Facebook accounts. Their identities were known, but their answers were anonymized, making it secure for them, but we still have their demographics, without knowing exactly who answered what.


The SG girls being interviewed are aged between 19 to 35 and are mostly university undergraduates or graduates. Most of them are still in university, while 5 of them had been working for 5 to 10 years in corporate offices around Singapore. With that in mind, the following are their responses – the responses had been allocated random names.


NO Responses (5):


Cherilyn: No I wouldn’t. My concern is not the job, but that my friends may think oddly about me if they knew I did it.


Gina: No I wouldn’t, as I am a little older now at 35. However, if given the chance while in university, I probably would have said yes. Being a party girl back in my university days combined with the large amounts of cash that I could potentially have made as a social escort, I would have accepted if I had been offered such a job. But I wouldn’t purposely look for one.


Rachel: Initially I wanted to be one, but I was worried what my future boyfriend will think about it… so I decided against one… reluctantly.


Rosalyn: No. But that’s only because I am already married! So it’s not even a consideration. If I were single, maybe? But probably not.


Alicia: No, but that’s because I am already married.


Now let us move on to the yes responses.


YES Responses (15):


Jamie: Yes I would. In fact, I am one right now… (Oh, yes we were shocked ourselves, but to protect the privacy, we did not dig into who this anonymous answer was from.)


Vanessa: Yes I did consider being one… Actually I did apply before while I was in university but was unfortunately rejected (sad face). I was a bit sad at how much money I missed out… potentially thousands per month!


Lydia: Yes I am currently in talks with a social escort agency manager to get listed and start working.


Wong: Why not? I would. It’s well paying and if I can keep it secret from my friends and family, I don’t see a point why not.


Lim: No I wouldn’t…. nah I am just kidding. If seriously I could qualify for it I would. In fact thanks for giving me the inspiration 😀


Tan: Yes, I would be one if I ever get jaded of dating young immature guys… and I seem to be reaching that stage.


Rena: Yes I wouldn’t mind dating foreigners and older local men as well… I know there’s a bias against escorts by the more conservative parts of Singapore society but I have always been somewhat of a rebel girl so who cares! I would.


Jasmine: Hell yeah! Get paid a lot to go on dates with older guys? Why not? As long as the escort agency doesn’t force me to do prostitution stuff I am perfectly fine with it. It’s just like going on Tinder dates but getting paid for it LOL.


Lynn: Amazing that I actually got this survey from a friend of mine…… even more amazing is that I have actually been one before two years ago 😛


Jaslyn: Was one, caught by my boyfriend. Now I am single so I want to be one again 😛 Call me a secretly wild girl. Pst, you would never be able to guess who I am.
Ting: Yes? But I don’t know how to apply for one nor how to judge if they are legit…
Teo: Yes without a doubt. Reason? I am still young, and able, why not make as much money as I can while I am young so I can chill a bit more when I am older?


Gwendolyn: Hypothetically, I think I would be tempted with the money… but if you had asked me in real life, I may consider but not agree immediately. But on paper, yes I would be one.


Cheryl: Yes without a doubt.


Angel: Yes. Sorry, not wanting to type more in case you can guess who I am from my writing style.


After reading the anonymous responses, we were REALLY surprised that girls answered so differently when their identities were anonymous! I am pretty sure they will all say no if asked in real life, but when their identities are kept secret, the different answers poured out.


So many of our university friends were open to being a social escort when they seemed quite conservative in real life.


Anyways, so hopefully you had liked the above compilation of survey responses! What do you think? Would you be an escort in Singapore and get paid highly? Let us know in the comments below!


If you are interested in being a social escort in Singapore, then you will probably want to check out and apply here: sgvipescorts.com/careers. SG VIP Escorts is a local Singapore registered social escort agency which have been featured on Front Page Yahoo! News before as well so they are a highly legal agency.

Singaporeans Discuss The Sugar Baby & Escort Lifestyle

Here is a very interesting video about sugar babies/social escorts and whether the people in ZULA Singapore will actually be one! (PS. the answer will surprise you!)

If you are interested in a sugar baby/social escort lifestyle in Singapore, you may want to check out the Twitter page of SG VIP Escorts, the largest escort agency in Singapore, and contact them for application!

Why Some Escort Agencies In Singapore Refuse You Services

Have you ever been refused service by any escort agency in Singapore before? Did you talk to several agencies and found that many of them appear to be aloof and not want your business? Or perhaps this is the first time you are engaging social escorts in Singapore and you want to know the dos and don’ts?

Here are ways to ensure that you will not be refused service, and that you will get into the good books of these escort agencies and be recommended the favorite escorts. My personal recommended escort agency is http://www.sgvipescorts.com. Ask them for a recommendation while following my below points and I assure you you will be recommended the best escorts they have in Singapore.

With that said, here are the steps you should take to ensure service in Singapore.

First of all, all legal escort agencies are strictly not allowed to sell/arrange for anything more than the meet up and romantic companionship. If you are not aware of the reason, it is because while prostitution is legal in Singapore, the soliciting of prostitution or arranging for the prostitution of another person is strictly illegal in Singapore under all circumstances. Therefore, if you contact an escort agency trying to get sexual services or ask stupid questions, I guarantee you will be refused service under all circumstances. Don’t get yourself blacklisted this way. (And also, if you want sex, go to Geylang, where many legal brothels exist. Escorts don’t sell sex.)

Second of all, if you are a serious client, chances are, you have looked through the agency’s website, and decided on one or two escorts you may have wanted to book. You would also have a meeting point, date and time. Therefore, if you contact an escort agency, with no idea who you want nor where you want to meet, chances are, they will treat you as a time waster and not bother to entertain you. To visualize this easier, would you call a restaurant for a booking and tell them you don’t know which day you want to book? (Sarcasm)

Third of all, make sure to verify yourself if you want to be ensured service. What do I mean by this? Most escort agencies in Singapore will ask you for either a deposit or some form of your identity verification (sometimes they will ask you for your hotel name and room number if you are a foreigner) to prevent no shows. If you refuse to do it and cooperate, you will be guaranteed refusal of their services. There is no lack of customers, and every time waster is a person who will potentially take up the availability which could have been provided to a serious client. This is standard operating procedure in Singapore, so there is no need to worry about this.

Singaporean Vs Foreign Girlfriend Experience – What’s The Difference

If you are searching for a social escort in Singapore, perhaps you have considered between a local and a foreigner. The answer, is always local SG girls for me! See how beautiful Singapore ladies are: https://sgvipescorts.tumblr.com

In my opinion, Singaporean girls are much more attractive in their looks, their dressing and their demeanour. I just love it. But actually there is a reason why I secretly love Singaporean girls… want to know? SG girls are ‘hard to get’, and that turns me on mentally.

It’s that they are hard to get. That’s right, I like hard to get girls.

Have you tried dating a really good looking, elegant and smart Singaporean girl? You will realize that it is extremely hard to even get her attention. Flash a few bills and a fancy $500 watch, and all the foreign girls (from South East Asia) will flock towards you. However, if you do that you will still be hard pressed to find a single local, Singaporean girl who’s impressed.

I don’t know about you, but because of the ‘hard to get’ factor of Singapore girls, I find them much more attractive as a social escort. Of course, SG girls cost much more to engage, but I also think they are much better looking and it is obvious that lots of other men want them… otherwise why would they cost so much to engage as escorts?

The funniest thing sometimes I hear people say is that, ‘Why not just go to Geylang? It’s cheaper.’

Well, the answer is that I want premium girls – Singaporean girls. Besides, I am not looking for ‘happy endings’. I just want a good looking social companion who will be there to keep me company while I am in a foreign country, that’s what I want – yes I am the first to admit I am very superficial.

And something very important to me is that I do not like meeting at sleazy places.

I only meet at the hotels I stay at, which are 4 or 5 star hotels in Orchard or CBD regions, or the hotel bars. Call me paranoid, I do not like being seen in Geylang even though I am a swinging single still. I just don’t like how sleazy that place feels.

How Do You Find A True Blue Singaporean Escort?

If you have tried finding a social escort as a companion in Singapore, you will quickly realize that it is difficult to find a real Singaporean escort. Most of these ‘Singaporean’ ladies you see online are really just Vietnamese, Thailand or Burmese foreigners who pretend to be Singaporean girls.

However, the reality is that it is actually extremely simple to look for a SG girl as a romantic companion, if you know where to look.

First of all, stop looking on fake pictures sites like Cracker. Most photos there are fake, and a simple Google reverse image search will show you that those photos of ‘Singaporean girls’ are really just random Taiwanese models.

Second of all, you need to understand the legalities of working in Singapore. All local companies are required to work only with locals, PRs as well as perhaps foreigners with a valid working permit. This means that most Singapore social escort agencies will only work with Singapore citizens as their escort models. Therefore, you should look for registered agencies in Singapore as your best bet for picking a SG girl as your escort.

Third of all, now that you know you should look for agencies in Singapore if you want a Singaporean, how do you search for such agencies? The easiest way is to either Google for them or to simply look up Yellow Pages. My personal recommendation? Google lah. It’s fast and to the point. Just a simple search for social escorts in Singapore will bring up a list of websites, most of which have a photo gallery for your browsing. Simple, fast and easy for a busy person like you and I to decide. Here is a local popular agency I found for you: https://www.facebook.com/sgvipservices/

Next of all, some escort agencies do provide extra photographs (mostly do not include face photos) for their escorts if you contact the agency. If they do, great. You can make your decision based on that. Remember that escort agencies get a lot of enquiries, so if you want to ensure that your booking goes through, you should be a serious buyer, and actually decide which escort you want from their website before contacting them. There are tons of time wasters. So the more serious you can show you are to the agency, the faster and more proactive they will be in providing you with serious recommendations of the best reviewed social escort models.

Finally, for goodness sake, do not try to meet a Singaporean escort at a budget hotel. Always meet the escort at an upscale restaurant, bar or hotel with in room dining if you are afraid of being seen by your family or friends. Most social escorts do not like meeting you at budget hotels… including budget food places or bars. Basically, show the escort that you are generous, and you can have your pick. Same as normal dating.

Singapore’s Nightlife – Exciting Things You Cannot Miss!

Although Singapore is well known to foreigners for being an investment hub, Singapore also has a very vibrant nightlife! Just because Singapore’s most famous Clarke Quay nightlife entertainment areas are not constantly broadcasted does not mean that it is weak. In fact, I dare say that it is among the best in the world. Of course, if you are feeling loaded, you could even head over to Marina Bay Sands, where some of the most expensive parties are held several times a week!

Check out the following video to see Singapore’s awesome nightlife, where to head to and things to do!

Singapore offers a lot when it comes to nightlife – partying, social escorts and clubbing. Make sure you check them out fully when you come to Singapore for your business trip!