How Do You Find A True Blue Singaporean Escort?

If you have tried finding a social escort as a companion in Singapore, you will quickly realize that it is difficult to find a real Singaporean escort. Most of these ‘Singaporean’ ladies you see online are really just Vietnamese, Thailand or Burmese foreigners who pretend to be Singaporean girls.

However, the reality is that it is actually extremely simple to look for a SG girl as a romantic companion, if you know where to look.

First of all, stop looking on fake pictures sites like Cracker. Most photos there are fake, and a simple Google reverse image search will show you that those photos of ‘Singaporean girls’ are really just random Taiwanese models.

Second of all, you need to understand the legalities of working in Singapore. All local companies are required to work only with locals, PRs as well as perhaps foreigners with a valid working permit. This means that most Singapore social escort agencies will only work with Singapore citizens as their escort models. Therefore, you should look for registered agencies in Singapore as your best bet for picking a SG girl as your escort.

Third of all, now that you know you should look for agencies in Singapore if you want a Singaporean, how do you search for such agencies? The easiest way is to either Google for them or to simply look up Yellow Pages. My personal recommendation? Google lah. It’s fast and to the point. Just a simple search for social escorts in Singapore will bring up a list of websites, most of which have a photo gallery for your browsing. Simple, fast and easy for a busy person like you and I to decide. Here is a local popular agency I found for you:

Next of all, some escort agencies do provide extra photographs (mostly do not include face photos) for their escorts if you contact the agency. If they do, great. You can make your decision based on that. Remember that escort agencies get a lot of enquiries, so if you want to ensure that your booking goes through, you should be a serious buyer, and actually decide which escort you want from their website before contacting them. There are tons of time wasters. So the more serious you can show you are to the agency, the faster and more proactive they will be in providing you with serious recommendations of the best reviewed social escort models.

Finally, for goodness sake, do not try to meet a Singaporean escort at a budget hotel. Always meet the escort at an upscale restaurant, bar or hotel with in room dining if you are afraid of being seen by your family or friends. Most social escorts do not like meeting you at budget hotels… including budget food places or bars. Basically, show the escort that you are generous, and you can have your pick. Same as normal dating.

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