Singaporean Vs Foreign Girlfriend Experience – What’s The Difference

If you are searching for a social escort in Singapore, perhaps you have considered between a local and a foreigner. The answer, is always local SG girls for me! See how beautiful Singapore ladies are:

In my opinion, Singaporean girls are much more attractive in their looks, their dressing and their demeanour. I just love it. But actually there is a reason why I secretly love Singaporean girls… want to know? SG girls are ‘hard to get’, and that turns me on mentally.

It’s that they are hard to get. That’s right, I like hard to get girls.

Have you tried dating a really good looking, elegant and smart Singaporean girl? You will realize that it is extremely hard to even get her attention. Flash a few bills and a fancy $500 watch, and all the foreign girls (from South East Asia) will flock towards you. However, if you do that you will still be hard pressed to find a single local, Singaporean girl who’s impressed.

I don’t know about you, but because of the ‘hard to get’ factor of Singapore girls, I find them much more attractive as a social escort. Of course, SG girls cost much more to engage, but I also think they are much better looking and it is obvious that lots of other men want them… otherwise why would they cost so much to engage as escorts?

The funniest thing sometimes I hear people say is that, ‘Why not just go to Geylang? It’s cheaper.’

Well, the answer is that I want premium girls – Singaporean girls. Besides, I am not looking for ‘happy endings’. I just want a good looking social companion who will be there to keep me company while I am in a foreign country, that’s what I want – yes I am the first to admit I am very superficial.

And something very important to me is that I do not like meeting at sleazy places.

I only meet at the hotels I stay at, which are 4 or 5 star hotels in Orchard or CBD regions, or the hotel bars. Call me paranoid, I do not like being seen in Geylang even though I am a swinging single still. I just don’t like how sleazy that place feels.

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