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Heightening delivery and customer service standards in Singapore

PCA Masters is stepping up the game in the courier industry in Singapore by heightening delivery and customer service standards. Visit PCA Masters’s website here – www.pcamasters.com/courier-delivery-singapore/.

There are many other courier companies in Singapore, including Regent, Tiger Courier, Network Courier, and Speedpost. However, their delivery standards are largely the same – same day before 6pm, next day and urgent delivery within 2 hours. In a bid to provide better delivery standards, PCA Masters is offering a super urgent courier delivery within 1 hour. Yes, customers can now expect their deliveries to be completed within an hour from booking. Their couriers will deliver the items immediately after pick up. If you are not already aware, PCA Masters offers full refund if their deliveries are late. They are not joking around with their superior delivery standards. Most courier companies do not compensate for late deliveries. This move by PCA Masters will attract more elite customers with important documents or items to deliver in Singapore. The price for such urgent delivery services is not particularly overpriced too. In fact, compared to some other courier companies’ 2-hour urgent rates, PCA Masters’ 1-hour urgent delivery in Singapore is cheaper. It is definitely value-for-money to engage PCA Masters’ courier services.

Moreover, customers face a common issue with most courier companies in Singapore – unresponsive or bad customer support. However, this is not the case with PCA Masters. PCA Masters attempts to change this perception of courier companies in Singapore by hiring full-time dedicated customer support staffs. Personally, I have not encountered a situation where I was attended by a bad customer support staff from PCA Masters. In addition, my calls always got picked up too.

These increase in delivery and customer service standards are raising the bar for Singapore courier industry. Customers are getting more picky and smart in choosing their preferred service vendors. It looks like PCA Masters is slowly getting ahead of the game.