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How To Find A Trusted Singapore Courier For Legal Documents

When I say legal documents, I mean everything ranging from contracts and cheques to letters of credit. These are all highly important documents which needs to be couriered around Singapore on a daily basis by many companies. However, it is not common that you find a courier company which is truly respectable, honest, upfront and transparent. However, those are the very things you need in your selected courier company if you’re passing them such important legal documents. (Yes there may still be shady companies even though this is Singapore – they exist in every part of the world). Here is how you can ideally find a trusted courier in Singapore for your legal document deliveries in Singapore.

  1. You look for their online reputation or reviews. With Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and so many other social networks, it’s very easy to find reviews about a company. Make sure there is nothing bad about their  ethics such as lying e.t.c. Make sure the company is squeaky clean in that aspect in treating their customers with honesty and respect..
  2. Try before you jump in. Just like you would date before you marry a person, you should ideally trial the services of a courier company first before signing long-term contracts.
  3. Do not deal directly with subcontractors. There is just something shady about them every time I deal with them. I personally prefer dealing with a household courier in Singapore like Regent, Network Courier, PCA Masters and the like than these relatively unknown names.
  4. Are they responsive and timely in their replies to you? If they are not, then chances are their hired couriers are also not responsive and punctual. For legal deliveries, e.g. to banks, you would need a courier which is responsible and on time.

My Singapore Courier Customer Service Experience

There are people who said that because most customer service officers are not paid tips or bonuses based on how well they treat their customers, that the service industry in Singapore is bad. Is this the case for the courier delivery industry? Let’s check it out.

I went to test it out for myself.

It was a sunny Wednesday afternoon, when I decided to trial courier services in Singapore for the purpose of writing my Singapore courier experience on The Gaea Times.

  1. First of all, I didn’t know any courier companies off the top of my mind, so I went to Google instead. Very quickly, I found several companies like Speedpost, PCAMasters, Regent, e.t.c. Actually I knew that Speedpost requires me to actually drop my parcel or document at their nearest branch. Although Singapore is a small country, I prefer not leaving the office to actually send my item, otherwise I might as well do the delivery myself. Hence, I turned to the alternatives like PCAMasters, Regent and others.
  2. Great, so at this point, I came down to 2 choices actually, since I only needed an ad hoc delivery – PCAMasters and Regent. The other websites look outdated to me, not sure if they’re functioning.
  3. Personally, I needed to deliver a laptop (yes I understand it’s a big risk to take to ask a courier company I don’t know to deliver a laptop as a trial, but I play big or go home.). Therefore, it’s not really considered a document. With this in mind, let’s move on to step 4.
  4. To be fair, I decided to directly call PCAMasters and Regent instead of trying to order online, so I can feel the customer service experience.
  5. Both greeted me pretty well, so that would be an equal.
  6. I asked them about the delivery (to be honest at this point I was leaning toward the cheaper one) rates. Regent actually has very slightly cheaper rates, but because I called at around 1245pm to 1pm, it was significantly more expensive. I didn’t want next day delivery so I insisted on the same day delivery. They accepted my order and also told me that  because a laptop is not a piece of document, they charge a heavy surcharge for it (sad). Then the big shocker came – they told me because my pick up address was a residential address (a landed property), they charged more for that. At this point I was getting pretty indignant, why should I pay more for wanting a pick up from a residential address? Isn’t it tougher to enter an office building than a residential address? Whatever, I let it slide. Then I decided to call PCAMasters next, which was around 115 to 120pm. PCAMasters may have appeared to be more expensive right off the bat, but I realized that they do not have unexpected and hidden surcharges like residential surcharge, and neither do they charge extra for small parcels (I noticed that they’re the only company which does not charge extra for parcels vs pieces of paper). Also, I was supposed to be charged a surcharge of $3 for ordering after 1pm for same day deliveries, but the service officer was really nice and decided to waive for me because I was a first time customer.

Can you tell which company I prefer now after my whole experience? PCAMasters.