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Why Singaporeans Are Using ‘Uber’ For Girlfriends – The GFE Social Escort

With a big worldwide trend moving towards renting and chartering instead of outright purchases, there is also a steady trend towards guys leaning towards ‘renting’ a girlfriend. This service is known as the GFE social escort. Check out Singapore’s #1 agency for GFE escorts – SGVIP.

GFE is the acronym for the ‘girlfriend experience’, which is the feeling that men get when they have a girlfriend. However, in this case, as the social escort is not really the client’s girlfriend, she will simply act as though she were already the girlfriend of the client. A good GFE escort will be able to make her clients feel as though she were already his girlfriend.

Why are more Singaporean men turning to GFE escorts? Is there a problem with usual dating?

There are actually three main different reasons why men in Singapore are turning to social escorts.

Actually if you have lived in Singapore, you will find that most girls in Singapore are kind of aloof when it comes to strangers approaching them. Unfortunately for some of us guys, girls seems to elude us, and very soon after school, men are caught up in their careers and are unable to have enough time to date and pick up girls. As a man gets older, he may not be able to access the social circles of young and attractive women as easily. Therefore, to overcome loneliness, engaging social escorts with the girlfriend experience is the best way out of this.

Second of all, some men who prefer escort models are actually men do not yet want to get married, don’t want the hassles of a regular relationship, but sometimes feel lonely. Therefore, a great way to get the girlfriend experience without the strings attached will be meeting a social escort and have a great date together.

Third of all, if a man is average looking, he will find it difficult to attract any really hot girl. However, if the man shows off that he is actually wealthy, he will be attracting a lot of gold diggers. He is therefore stuck between a rock and hard place. Therefore, the best way, if not yet serious about wanting to get married, is to actually meet social escorts from time to time to not feel as lonely.