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Why Some Escort Agencies In Singapore Refuse You Services

Have you ever been refused service by any escort agency in Singapore before? Did you talk to several agencies and found that many of them appear to be aloof and not want your business? Or perhaps this is the first time you are engaging social escorts in Singapore and you want to know the dos and don’ts?

Here are ways to ensure that you will not be refused service, and that you will get into the good books of these escort agencies and be recommended the favorite escorts. My personal recommended escort agency is http://www.sgvipescorts.com. Ask them for a recommendation while following my below points and I assure you you will be recommended the best escorts they have in Singapore.

With that said, here are the steps you should take to ensure service in Singapore.

First of all, all legal escort agencies are strictly not allowed to sell/arrange for anything more than the meet up and romantic companionship. If you are not aware of the reason, it is because while prostitution is legal in Singapore, the soliciting of prostitution or arranging for the prostitution of another person is strictly illegal in Singapore under all circumstances. Therefore, if you contact an escort agency trying to get sexual services or ask stupid questions, I guarantee you will be refused service under all circumstances. Don’t get yourself blacklisted this way. (And also, if you want sex, go to Geylang, where many legal brothels exist. Escorts don’t sell sex.)

Second of all, if you are a serious client, chances are, you have looked through the agency’s website, and decided on one or two escorts you may have wanted to book. You would also have a meeting point, date and time. Therefore, if you contact an escort agency, with no idea who you want nor where you want to meet, chances are, they will treat you as a time waster and not bother to entertain you. To visualize this easier, would you call a restaurant for a booking and tell them you don’t know which day you want to book? (Sarcasm)

Third of all, make sure to verify yourself if you want to be ensured service. What do I mean by this? Most escort agencies in Singapore will ask you for either a deposit or some form of your identity verification (sometimes they will ask you for your hotel name and room number if you are a foreigner) to prevent no shows. If you refuse to do it and cooperate, you will be guaranteed refusal of their services. There is no lack of customers, and every time waster is a person who will potentially take up the availability which could have been provided to a serious client. This is standard operating procedure in Singapore, so there is no need to worry about this.