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Singapore Courier Company Offers Full Refund For Late Deliveries

June 23, 2016

An unprecedented thing just happened today morning in Singapore. Local courier company, PCA Masters (http://www.pcamasters.com/) has just put out a stunning press release declaring a step that is bound to shake up the Singapore courier services industry, and to make it rethink its operations and procedures. PCA Masters, a local courier services firm in Singapore, is seeking to differentiate itself by offering an iron-clad guarantee that if it’s late for its deliveries by even a minute, they would not hesitate to offer a full refund.

I wonder if Straits Times will also pick up this piece of exciting logistics news.

In fact, this is not something that is ‘ground-breaking’, but in an older industry dominated by older players like Network Courier and Regent, it’s a refreshing change that companies like PCA Masters are challenging the status quo and seeking to raise its standards, and by doing so, forcing the courier services¬†industry to improve itself for its customers in Singapore too. This is actually something that Fedex has done for its international deliveries – its overnight delivery guarantee for its premium service. This is taken and made more extreme by guaranteeing timeliness to the minute! Now, I’m not sure if operations wise and resource allocation will be easy to ensure that they’re on time, but you can be relatively confident that if a company like PCA Masters which has also quickly won contracts from large international and local companies like Aztech, Moody’s, AXA Insurance e.t.c. (as seen from their website) instills such a quality control into their operations and processes, that your items and deliveries would be safe and secure with such a reliable company.

All said and done though, in my opinion, is that if your item’s delivery is not time sensitive, then perhaps you don’t need to use and consider them, but if you have lots of legal documents or banking documents which are usually time sensitive, then courier companies like PCA Masters would definitely be very attractive to you.