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20 Singaporean Girls Reveal If They Would Be Social Escorts

After our previous post went viral, we were interested in what our friends actually think about being a female escort in Singapore

However, as most Singaporean girls are conservative and may give different answers if we had interviewed them in real life, we decided to put out an anonymous online survey and posted to 20 different girls we had on our 5 different Facebook accounts. Their identities were known, but their answers were anonymized, making it secure for them, but we still have their demographics, without knowing exactly who answered what.


The SG girls being interviewed are aged between 19 to 35 and are mostly university undergraduates or graduates. Most of them are still in university, while 5 of them had been working for 5 to 10 years in corporate offices around Singapore. With that in mind, the following are their responses – the responses had been allocated random names.


NO Responses (5):


Cherilyn: No I wouldn’t. My concern is not the job, but that my friends may think oddly about me if they knew I did it.


Gina: No I wouldn’t, as I am a little older now at 35. However, if given the chance while in university, I probably would have said yes. Being a party girl back in my university days combined with the large amounts of cash that I could potentially have made as a social escort, I would have accepted if I had been offered such a job. But I wouldn’t purposely look for one.


Rachel: Initially I wanted to be one, but I was worried what my future boyfriend will think about it… so I decided against one… reluctantly.


Rosalyn: No. But that’s only because I am already married! So it’s not even a consideration. If I were single, maybe? But probably not.


Alicia: No, but that’s because I am already married.


Now let us move on to the yes responses.


YES Responses (15):


Jamie: Yes I would. In fact, I am one right now… (Oh, yes we were shocked ourselves, but to protect the privacy, we did not dig into who this anonymous answer was from.)


Vanessa: Yes I did consider being one… Actually I did apply before while I was in university but was unfortunately rejected (sad face). I was a bit sad at how much money I missed out… potentially thousands per month!


Lydia: Yes I am currently in talks with a social escort agency manager to get listed and start working.


Wong: Why not? I would. It’s well paying and if I can keep it secret from my friends and family, I don’t see a point why not.


Lim: No I wouldn’t…. nah I am just kidding. If seriously I could qualify for it I would. In fact thanks for giving me the inspiration 😀


Tan: Yes, I would be one if I ever get jaded of dating young immature guys… and I seem to be reaching that stage.


Rena: Yes I wouldn’t mind dating foreigners and older local men as well… I know there’s a bias against escorts by the more conservative parts of Singapore society but I have always been somewhat of a rebel girl so who cares! I would.


Jasmine: Hell yeah! Get paid a lot to go on dates with older guys? Why not? As long as the escort agency doesn’t force me to do prostitution stuff I am perfectly fine with it. It’s just like going on Tinder dates but getting paid for it LOL.


Lynn: Amazing that I actually got this survey from a friend of mine…… even more amazing is that I have actually been one before two years ago 😛


Jaslyn: Was one, caught by my boyfriend. Now I am single so I want to be one again 😛 Call me a secretly wild girl. Pst, you would never be able to guess who I am.
Ting: Yes? But I don’t know how to apply for one nor how to judge if they are legit…
Teo: Yes without a doubt. Reason? I am still young, and able, why not make as much money as I can while I am young so I can chill a bit more when I am older?


Gwendolyn: Hypothetically, I think I would be tempted with the money… but if you had asked me in real life, I may consider but not agree immediately. But on paper, yes I would be one.


Cheryl: Yes without a doubt.


Angel: Yes. Sorry, not wanting to type more in case you can guess who I am from my writing style.


After reading the anonymous responses, we were REALLY surprised that girls answered so differently when their identities were anonymous! I am pretty sure they will all say no if asked in real life, but when their identities are kept secret, the different answers poured out.


So many of our university friends were open to being a social escort when they seemed quite conservative in real life.


Anyways, so hopefully you had liked the above compilation of survey responses! What do you think? Would you be an escort in Singapore and get paid highly? Let us know in the comments below!


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